1).- Mr. Saleh Gadi Johar, is neither of the same age nor of the same generation of Hamid Idris Awate;
2).-  Mr. S. G. Johar had never lived in the Kunama land and therefore, he does not and cannot know, (if not only heard), either the  history of Hamid Idris Awate’s childhood, youth and adulthood, or of the adult Hamid Idris Awate who had “cold-bloodedly” murdered countless Kunama people, mostly male-children, men and women, and raided countless Kunama people’s livestock.
3).- Mr. Sale Gadi Johar, cannot and does not know that Hamid Idris Awate grew up, lived and operated in the KunamaTika region , in the vicinities and surroundings of the present town of Ugaro.  
What Mr. Saleh Gadi Johar could know, and may claim to know, (only per hear-say), whatever he had been told, read whatever had been written about and propagated of Hamid Idris Awate of the Eritrean initial revolution times, in the 1960s.
What Mr. Saleh Gadi Johar, nowadays, knows and can claim to know is that he has founded and is conducting a web-site, which he, in Christian terms, baptized as “www.awate.com”, and keeps writing, very prolific articles, on and about Hamid Idris Awate, often totally lacking of sensibility, about the Kunama people and the sufferings their ethnic-members had to endure, because of the “ethnic-cleansing” attempts, Hamid Idris Awate had made, but times and circumstances prevented him from achieving his aims.
This is history; a true history, which will remain as such for centuries.
To the Kunama people however, such very sad history, befallen their ethnic-members, due to Hamid Idris Awate’s murderous activities upon them, and right in the middle of their own native and ancestral land, is indelibly written in their minds, and therefore, it can never be eradicated from their memories, whenever the name of Hamid Idris Awate is mentioned and brought in connection with the Kunama people‘s past history, and this, for the simple reason that the lives of their own ethnic-members were and are far more precious than the start of the Eritrean revolution and of the Eritrean independence too, of which we are yet to see its worth.
For us Kunama people, Hamid Idris Awate’s preceding murderous activities upon our Kunama people cannot be compensated with his “launching of the Eritrean revolution”.
This had been, therefore, the true background history and the relation of Hamid Idris Awate, with the Kunama people, before he “shot the first bullet to open the Eritrean Armed Liberation Struggle”.
If people like Mr. Saleh Gadi Johar, his “awate.com”  and the leaders of many organizations, cannot understand and sympathize with the feelings of the Kunama people, they should at least refrain themselves from trying to provoke, forcing the Kunama into forgetting their slain ethnic-members and exalt Hamid Idris Awate’s “heroism,” for the only reason of the Eritrean revolution, he is retained to have started.
Let Hamid Idris Awate be and remain a “national hero” for those who accept and believe in his “heroic first bullet-shooting”, but leave also the Kunama people, to dry their tears, over their killed people, and in their conviction, not to exchange their murderer for a hero.
Mr. Saleh Gadi Johar, his “awate.com” and its runners and supporters, do please, refrain yourselves from beating again, on those scars of the Kunama people and cause new and profound wounds.
Mr. Sale Gadi Johar, in his article, titled,  “Qernelios : Arte Mailam’s Political Recklessness, S.g. Johar, Sept. 10, 2012”, recounts that, “ironically, on Sept. first of this year, the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama chose to issue a provocative statement defaming Awate”. 
To our view, Mr. S. G.Johar has totally gone out of his initial statement, thus jumping from “Qernelios Arte Mailam’s Political Recklessness” into accusing the “DMLEK”, the Kunama organization, of having “issued a provocative statement defaming Awate”.
Has, Mr. S. G. Johar, found out whether, “Qernelios: Arte Mailam’s Political Recklessness”, was a “statement” made only and solely by “Qernelios” himself or by the “DMLEK”, i.e, was it “a provocative statement” of the “DMLEK”, as such? 
Please, do not bring up the reason that “Qernelios”, being, “DMLEK’s” chairman, he is also “DMLEK” itself.
Everyone knows, and you too, do, Mr. S. G. Johar, that a dictator of “Qernelios” caliber, is a lone “speaker”, lone “talker”, lone “writer and lone “doer”, and we, through our enquiries, have come to know that, that very “provocative statement” was only and solely of “Qernelios”, who, now, thrown into and swimming in “deep and high ties” is trying hard to involve the entire Kunama organization.
To our judgment, Mr. S. G. Johar, has totally failed in his journalistic duty and launched the initial idea of “suspending” and even of “kicking-out” of the “DMLEK” from the EDA, which immediately followed.
Again, to our judgment, Mr. S. G. Johar, has been motivated into such mission, not so much for love of “Hamid Idris Awate”, as for justification and defense of the name “awate”, of the web-site he himself has founded, owns, runs and propagates. 
As we have been following, “Qernelios Arte Mailam’s Political Recklessness”, from the very beginning, S. G. Johar and his “awate.com” were the first ones and the most vociferous forces, who and which had mobilized and rallied the organs, such as:
1.- The Gulf Center for Media Services,
2.- The Eritrrean Solidarity Front,
3.- EDJE and many other sources, among which also, the anonymous letter of the “Children of Kunamna in Sudan”, which “awate.com”, claimed to have received and translated it into English, from its original in Arabic.
Following our enquiries among the “Kunama in the Sudan”, no Kunama stated to have even heard of and  known of that letter, let alone writing it. We therefore take that to be  an “apocryphal” letter, conjured out, perhaps even by “awate.com” itself, which, Mr. S. G. Johar had immediately taken to his advantage, as a witnessing statement of condemnation of “Qernelios Arte Mailam’s Political Recklessness”, as coming out also from among the Kunama communities.
We take that apocryphal letter, as one of the machinations, Mr. S. G. Johar and his “awate.com” had raised and used, to the downfall of  the “DMLEK”.  
Let us put it bluntly, Mr. S. G. Johar that such intrigues, do “add insults to injuries”, to the Kunama people and therefore, in the future, do please, refrain yourself from raising them. We would not like to join some of our fellow-Kunam,a judging and seeing “www.awate.com” as one of their present enemies, preserving and projecting Hamid Idris Awate’s legacy, to the suffering and damage of the Kunama people.
That “Saleh Gadi Johar, and his awate.com, had mobilized and rallied”, the above mentioned news-outlets and organizations and exercised a very heavy “pressure upon EDA’s leadership and member-organizations” into taking that drastic and severe measure of expelling the DMLEK from it.
The Kunama communities, around the world are being shocked by such decision of th EDA, which is yet to give, to the Kunama people, its official reason of its verdict.
Let us point out also that we are neither defending, supporting or in any way, trying to dwell on “Qernelio’s Plitical Recklessness”, but that, Sale Gadi Johar had skipped any deeper analysis of the matter, and jumped into accusing the Kunama organization, and its supporters, of “defaming Awate”, but who, up to these very days, do not even know of the pitch Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman himself  had fallen into, and  is still lying in, following his “statements”. 
Mr. S. G. Johar went on to write that, “the statement (of Qernelios), claims that the issue of heroic nationalism of Hamid Idris Awate that was deceitfully conceived by the PFDJ …..,.. It is astonishing to discover that the DMLEK thinks the PFDJ regime reveres Awate! DMLEK lives with the twisted perception, any other blunder it commits is understandable”.
Here, Mr. S. G. Johar is  required to specify his statements:
Is he saying that the “DMLEK”, as a Kunama organization is “living with twisted perception, committing blunders” and getting away with them, or is he saying that “Qernelios” is the one  to be accused of “such blunders?” Mr. S. G. Johar’s language is not clearer than “Qernelios’”, whom he accused of “poor writing style”.
Mr. Saleh Gadi Johr, as you have done, please, do try not to throw the entire Kunama organization, the entire Kunama people and “Qernelios”, into one and the same box and tell us that we are the “spoilers of the Eritrean opposition”. Do please, use the correct language to describe and attack the correct target, and not shoot, as the Tigrian language would describe: “aini yebillein snni yebillein”.
Concerning Hamid Idris Awate’s background history, the Kunama people have a lot to teach you, Mr. S. G. Johar, correcting you, even of the material you, over the years, have been amassing and publishing on your web.
Many Kunama people who are not only of Hamid Idris age, but had shared his life with and others who had suffered at his own hands are still living among us and are wondering, and partly sympathizing with you, and others, on the incorrect material you are storing, and therefore, do not claim to know Hamid Idris Awate, either like oreven better than the Kunama people, specifically of the Kunama of the Tika region.
Jut to tell you something that has been recently brought up by some Kunama contemporaries of Hamid Idris Awate, is that, if you cared you should research and prove whether it had been Idris Awate, (Hamid’s father), who was at the service of the Italians in the Kunama land, or his son Hamid, who, at the time, was a young-man, herding his father’s cattle. This would help you gather some knowledge of Hamid Idris Awate’s background history, completely other than the one you have been muth-fed.  
Those Kunama can provide you with very precise pieces of information, who Idris Awate was, and
who Hamid Idris.  
You appear to have been taught and misled on:
“who was and who wasn’t, and
 who did what and who didn’t”.
The K-ABIT, (October 30, 2012).