In the recent days, the report of a second witness, on the fate of those Kunama prisoners, mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried in a mass-grave, was released in “Asena-Radio“.


First of all, our heartfelt thanks, goes to the two gentlemen: firstly to the PFDJ regime’s Military Security Member, Ato Mengstab Girmai and, secondly, to Brigarier Gen, Techeste Haile, for having a heart, towards their own fellow-human-beings, (for those Kunama prisoners), felt filled with pity for, shared their sufferings and, above all, had the moral courage to have observed, witnessed and revealed, to the world, how an evil human-being can become evil and criminal against his own fellow-human-beings.

Our heartfelt thanks goes also to the leadership and team of ““, for taking the decision and time to interview, Brigadier General, Ato Techeste Haile, who also provided us, with more detailed pieces of information, particularly, on the sad fate of those fellow-Kunama victims.

In the name of all Kunama people, we would like, again thank, Ato Mengstab Girmay, for, initially, revealing the whole plan and the actual murdering of those Kunama prisoners.


Though, in the initial report, Ato Mengstab Girmai too, provided us, with detailed pieces of information on the whole event, specifically, on how and by whom, had, that evil idea, been first launched, of using those innocent Kunama prisoners, as “scape-goats“, to fight against the

Ethiopian government, in the first place; the “Weane forces“, as they were described and identified, as second enemies, and, “Erkukodisu“, the Democratic Liberation Movement of the Eritrean Kunama, (DMLEK), for its subversive activities, according to the PFDJ’s regime, and lastly, to punish the Kunama people, for siding with and supporting it. 

The ultimate objective, however, was to initiate, an all-out, ethnic-cleansing or genocidal activity, upon the Kunama people, which had been on the plan, for a long time, and, is still being carried on, with even more increased cruelty. 

As said, Ato Mensgtab Girmai, followed first, all stages of the plan, till its completion, with the main actors, involved in the execution of the plan, whereas, the second witness, the Brigadier General, Techeste Haile, went into even more details, providing us the names of the initial master minders of the plan, the secluded place of their meeting, and the objective of their plan, which was the extermination of those Kunama prisoners. 

The Brigadier Gen., particularly, provided us also, the specific part and each of the actors had to play, in the execution of the plan, as well as the names of the victims of the plan, those Kunama prisoners. 

According to the Brigadier General, Techeste Haile, the initial plan of using those Kunama prisoners, as objects of the planners’ political maneuvers, had been conjured out by the following four people:

 The President Isaias Afwerki,

TheInformation Minister, Ali Abdu,

The Brigadier General, Abraha Kassa and the Major General Omer Hassan Tawil

These four gentlemen, had first, had a secret meeting, called up by the President Isaias Afwerki himself and held in his own office, to hammer out, not only the plan, but also, all the procedures of the plan, till its execution and completion.

The President Isaias Afwerki was said to have first, informed the others, of a project, over the Kunama people, which had long been completed, but not executed.

That project itself, however, had not been clearly, disclosed, although, it had been mentioned, previously by Ato Mengstab, Girmai as he stated: upon this people, (Kunama), the government had long, had an evil thought“. What that, “evil thought“ had been, has never been very clearly defined, although, considering the following many “evil activities“, carried out by the PFDJ regime’s forces, upon the Kunama people, do clearly indicated that the main objective has always been: “the elimination of the Kunama People/of the Kunama race, from the face of the Eritrean nation“. 

The Brigadier Gen. Techeste Haile revealed that the whole plan had been conjured out and masterminded by the following persons:

The President, Ato Isaias Afwerki, the Information Minister, Ali Abdu,

Brigadier General Abraha Kassa, and General Omer Hasan Tawil . 

The Brigadier General Techeste Haile continued his report, by naming, (listed by us, in alphabetical order), the native villages of those prisoners. Those villages are:






Shambakko and

Tole -Gamuja.


Unlike, Ato Mengstab Girmay, who had also given, enough detailed pieces of information, but chiefly, on the executioner activities of those who had been given the task of bringing the mission into conclusion, the Brigadier General Techeste Haile, instead, faithful to his detailed pieces of information, mainly on the fate of the victims, gave also the first and second names of each one of those Kunama prisoners.

The followings are those names:

1.- Andai Aroro Saleh

2.- Badumme Kefle Barra

3.- Kiros Beiene Adura

4.- Hagos Shaddai Baron

5.- Biba Fafi Tungga

6.- Shabi Frute Nati

7.- Menadil Sihidai Halenggai

8.- Gnau Solomon Sahle

9.- Iemanu Meroma Gobai

10.- Auro Gebremariam Desta

11.- Anderhan Gerengkiel

12.- Abdullahi Mario Andulu

13.- Gebremariam Dudu

14.-Musa Kebbede

15.- Tesfai Shelli

16.- Auate Nada Badel

17.- Mem Mashara

18.- Bile Addalla

19.- Ali Musa Geshu

20.- Galla Tadde Fakki

21.- Galla Shobotille

22.- Hajjaj Shabul

23.- Aula Tika Aroro

24.- Mantai Iakob Albai

25.- Analollo Kegngno

26.- Anto Jini Gagasi.


It is however, reported that, very likely, most living relatives of those prisoners, have not yet, been informed of the fate of their respective fellow-relatives prisoners murdered, and, therefore, this detailed news, with their names, could come, as a surprise, to some of those relatives, who are still believing that their fellow-relative prisoners are still in jail and, hoping that they would, one day, come out of it; but we believe that it has been a long time, since their deaths, and therefore, the truth has to be told.

However, we do share the pains with, and do offer our sincere condolences to those relatives. 

Continuing his detailed report, Brigadier General, Techeste Haile, described, as follows, the final face, of that tragic event. 

It was, at 22:00 Hours, that, those Kunama prisoners were ordered to get out of their rooms and descend the 5m.- deep pitch, that they themselves, had been told to dig it out, cheatingly believed to be a water reservoir“.

NB.: 22:00 hours“had been very deliberately chosen, as the time, when no one else was there to see and witness the cruel action, apart from those selected persons. 

Mg. Gen. Tekleberhan Hagos, (Weddi Ainei), and Mg. Gen. Welde Gebrehiwet, (Kewihi), and others, very carefully, poured, upon the live bodies of the prisoners in the pitch, 4 liters of a highly poisonous substance, called “SIAMEI“, (Cyanide), purposefully, taken there from Mendefera“. 

The rest of the action terminated, with the termination of the lives of those Kunama prisoners, buried, in the same mass-grave, together with the cyanide poison, over their bodies.

Such action, surely, equals the level, if not even surpasses it, “the Crime against Humanity“, punished and punishable, by the “International Court in The Hague“.

The main culprits are those persons who had initially masterminded such evil plan; and they are:

1).- the President Isaias Afwerki,

2).– the Information Minister, Ali Abdu,

3).- the Brigdier Gen. Abraha Kassa and

4).– Mg- Gen. Omer Hassan Tawil.

As the “Crimes Upon and Against“, the Kunama people , by the PFDJ’s regime, has always been its main objective, only the latest plan, has been officially launched, as if it were the initial plan.

Such plan is being put into practice, today, more than any time in the past, with more and increased activities; very cruel in substance and more in number. 

NB.: (This piece of writing will, first, be forwarded also to the “International Court in The Hague, and, secondly, it will be the official document which, in its due time, will be presented to a court of justice, in Eritrea“). 

The Voice of the Kunama People/Kunama Agara Mena, (VKP/KAM).

May 18, 2016.