This year’s Kunama Cultural Days, were held in Sioux-Falls, in the US State of South Dakota, on July 28 & 29, 2012.
The two days’ celebrations were conducted by the Kunama musical group/band, “The K-Boyz”, joined by a group of Kunama women and young girls, who
beat the drums and sang, and some Kunama young men, performed varieties of Kunama cultural dances, such as “Anna/Ukunda, Shakumfa/Uleda, Sidaba/Shidaba” and other Kunama dance-arts, joined by the public, made-up mostly of the Kunama younger generation. It was, in fact, very surprising to notice that, a lot of Kunama young men, girls and children attended the festival in both days, paying $20.00 US, per each day, which started at 3:00 P. M. and ended, at about midnight.
The Kunama younger generations were dancing very enthusiastically, making this year’s Kunama cultural days, somewhat interesting and different from the previous two years’ ones which, though attended also by some Kunama adults, were not so impressive and lively. This year’s two day-festival showed that, particularly the Kunama younger generation, which already fit into the American society, would have instead showed less interest, but to our big surprise, they were more interested and eager to join and dance their traditional Kunama dances, such as “Anna/Ukunda”, much more enthusiastically, thus sending a strong message, to their Kunama older generation, that they do not care less about their continuous disagreements, how and by whom, should the festivity be organised and conducted and how and who should take the responsibility of, and cover the expenses for renting the festival hall, pay the security
guards and cover other related costs and duties.
The “K-Boyz”, led by their manager, Solomun, (Sellie), did an excellent job and are to be, not only praised, for their music and the whole program, but also very cordially thanked of having conducted the festival, much better than expected and, especially for winning the admiration, the hearts and the minds of the Kunama younger generation, who very openly showed that they really enjoyed the festival, by attending the two consecutive days, in the same number and with the same enthusiasm.
Again, let this be a very clear lesson to their older generation, who instead of encouraging their younger generation to attend their Kunama cultural days and be proud of their Kunama pageantry, they are there only to bicker about everything concerning the festival, cuddle their endless grudges and divisive attitudes and talks, and this each year, deciding even not to attend it, thus making themselves to be simply, pitied!
Let this rather hard criticism, addressed to the Kunama older generation, in the USA, be also of warning that, the future Kunama cultural days will be an “affair”, of the Kunama younger generation, which, as it appears, is much inclined to unity and supporting each other, than their older generation, which is still very much suffering from the divisions, they had created, in their refugee camps, taken to the US too, and are still preserving and cuddling them, still linked to the DMLEK leaders and frightened by their continuous words of harassment and empty propaganda.
All this is to be read in the latest article written by their chairman, Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman, who is still believing to be the “beloved” leader, and promising to lead the Kunama Diaspora to the promised “Kunama Land”, which, for reasons beyond our understanding, he baptised and called it, “ER-KU-LA-MI, Er-itrea-Ku-nama La-ga Mi-nta, (The Land Division of the Eritrean Kunama). The Kunama land is an entire land and there is no division considered, neither historically nor geographically. The older geographical documents do state and confirm that, since time immemorial the Kunama land is recognise, defined and referred to only as “Kunama Land”, and this is also confirmed and documented by the recent “Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission”’ (EEBC).
Who is, first of all, Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman, and who gave him the mandate, to interfere in the Geographical and Historical Nomenclatures of the Kunama land, and change them, although the Kunama people themselves have been knowing and calling their native and ancestral land, only as “Kunama Laga”, (the Kunama Land) for times immemorial?
Has he consulted the Kunama people at all, on this?
“Don’t you know, Mr. K. A. Osman, that the Kunama is a matriarchal society and calls all its ethnic, land and cultural affairs, with the name of its genealogical mother, KUNAME, the wife of the only known, Kunama King, BADEN/BAZEN?
Are you trying to change our century-old history and the geography of our own native and ancestral land? ?
You have surely and already been informed, Mr. K. A. Osman, that some members of the “Kunama Political Party/Kunama Politika Buluka, (KPP/KPB)”, met with some of your supporters and clarified few points, concerning “The KPP/KPB’s Principles”, and made it very clear, that, its “Political Principles”, regard the Kunama People and the Kunma Land of the future times and therefore that, they have nothing to do, with the worries those individuals, have, thinking that the “KPP/KPB” is there to try to depose either, you, Mr. K. A. Osman, or demolish your organisation, “DMLEK”.
It is up to you, to continue to believe, that after you have killed some of your fellow Kunama, you are still the legitimate leader of that Kunama organisation.
You wrote something about this year’s Kunama Festival in the US, commenting that those who organised and conducted it, collected money and sent it to the Shabia. Did Shabia itself inform you that it got money from the organisers of this year’s Kunama festival in Sioux-Falls. It was one of the best festivals, so far.; and it is only the beginning.
Yours were pure lies and heyt should not be told by an“acclaimed” leader of political organisation.
Do please, get your political principles, enliightened up.
The K-ABIT: (October 20, 2012).