By the teams of the two Kunama web-sites:
These days, there is a lot of writing and talking, by various and different Eritrean organisations, groups of fellow-Eritrean individuals and single individuals, commenting on the “statements”, made by the DMLK’s chairman, Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman, regarding Hamid Idris Awate.
The main organisations, very strongly reacting to the DMLK’s chairman and calling, for the expulsion, from the “Eritren Democratic Alliance” (EDA), and from the Bayto”, not only of Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman, but also, and even. of the “Kunama Organisation” itself, are:
1).- “The Gulf Centre for Media Services”;
2).- “The Eritrean Solidarity Front;
4).- “’s Team”, and some other individuals whom, the teams
         of the two Kunama webs, would first like to contact them personally, before revealing their names and responding to their reactions and “comments”.
Let us, first of all, clarify few points which, many of those organisations and individuals, appear to be facing some difficulty, in knowing and differentiating, what the Kunama People’s Organisation, “DMLK, is, and who, Mr. Kornelion Adolay Osman is.
“The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Kunama” (People), in the Kunama language, “Kunama Koibisha Dimokratika Sungada”, (Ku-Ko-Di-Su), is an opposition organisation, established in 1993, after, the then newly enthroned ruler, the “People’s Front for Democracy and Justice”, (PFDJ), started resettling numberless of non-Kunama Eritreans in the Kunama homeland, and committed untold crimes over the Kunama people, killing, only in a short instance, more than seventy (70), Kunama in Barentu and in its environs.
The founders and the prime leaders of that Kunama organisation were immediately chased and eliminated, by the PFDJ’s regime and by its local authorities, in the Kunama land.
The organisation, after a short period of shock and disarray, was reorganising itself, when Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman and his now co-chairman,Mr. Tewelde Minase, who had initially turned down, joining the movement, and were about to be expelled, like many other Eritreans, from Ethiopia, managed to manipulate some Ethiopian authorities, who helped them take over the charge of the Kunama organisation, and have been holding it ever since, and up to these present days, conducting sprays of killings of their own fellow Kunama, falsely, accusing them, either of being PFDJ regime’s agents, or individuals, trying to destroy the Kunama organisation itself, or depose the two individuals and take over the leadership.
Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman and his friend, Mr. Tewelde Minase dared even to change the name itself of the organisation, calling it, the “Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the –Eritrean- Kunama”, (DMLeK), with the sole purpose of expelling from the organisation, as they had done, all the Ethiopian and Sudanese Kunama who had initially joined the organisation and were wholeheartedly conducting it.
That very initial and arbitrarily taken actions of Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman and of his friend, Mr. Tewelde Minase, did already bring division within the organisation itself, with many of the Ethiopian and of the Sudanese Kunama abandoning the organisation. There were already a lot of Kunama people and voices, demanding for the two individuals to resign from, and even abandon the organisation, but they used every means to resist, starting to eliminate all those Kunama directly confronting them.
Through such criminal tactics, lies and corruption, they are today holding the “Kunama Organisation”, prisoner of their own economic and political interest and survival.
Due to those criminals activities of the two individuals and of some of their fanatic supporters, many Kunama people, including the leading members of the two Kunama web-sites, the entire leadership and members of the “Kunama Political Party/Kunama Politika Buluka”, (KPP/KPB), have ever since been accusing, condemning and calling for the immediate resignation of Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman and of his friend/deputy, Mr. Tewelde Minase, and also be brought to an Ethiopian court of justice.
Like any other dictator and criminal person, in this world, Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman is a “lone-going” and “lone acting” individual and dictator, non-consulting, apparently, even his own close-friend, Mr. Tewelde Minase.
Whatever, Mr. Kornelios Adolay said, commented on, praised, or even insulted, Hamid Idris Awate, was and is just a matter of his own choice and decision, which the “DMLK”, the “Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Kunama”, the Kunama people, the Kunama Political Party-leaders, its supporters and many other neutral and ordinary Kunama, are “not responsible of”, are not to be “accused of”, and their organisation is not at all, to be either “asked to apologise” or, and never considered to be “EXPELLED”, from any of the Eritrean Opposition Movement.
This would really mean, not only an open injustice and an  insult to the entire Kunama people, but, literally ”adding insult to injury”, to the entire Kunama people.
“Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman” is the only one responsible for causing such an uproar; he, and only he is responsible and the one to be asked to respond, to apologise, and even be expelled from the opposition.
Concerning the person, the history and the activities of “Hamid Idris Awate”, in the Kunama land and upon the Kunama people, everyone knows, including the “”, too, (carrying his name), the team conducting it, and many leaders and members of the above enumerated organisations, that, “no one knows”, Hamid Idris Awate, “like and better than the Kunama people of the Kunama Tika region”, where he grew-up and was even a fellow-co-herder of some Kunama individuals, still living among us and testifying about the sad experiences, they had to make, after Hamid Idris Awate had suddenly changed his behaviour, became, a “villain, a “murderer”, a “thief”, and started killing the Kunama (male), infants, men, women, young, old, and raided countless of their livestock.
This is “history”, and a very sad history for the Kunama people who, are still recounting their family-members, relatives, friends and fellow-Kunama ethnic-members, murdered by and fallen victims of that cruel man.
The  teams of the two Kunama web-sites, speaking in the name of their fellow-Kunama, have often reminded the “’s”, team, to stop bringing in connection, the past history of the Kunama people with the name and history of Hamid Idris Awate, so as not to recall sad memories, in the minds of the Kunama people, and rekindle emotions, violent thoughts of retaliation and of hatred.
For us and for our Kunama people, the lives of our people are much more precious than the “Eritrean Struggle”,( retained to have been started under the leadership of Hamid Idris Awate) and the “Eritrean Independence” itself, put together, of which we are yet to see its worth.
No Kunama is against, if and whenever those organisations, their leaders, members, supporters and other fellow-Eritreans, who and which, though do very well know, the true background history of Hamid Idris Awate and of his criminal activities upon the Kunama people, are yet excited, exhilarated and taken-high-up”, simply by his “shooting of the first bullet” to “start the Eritrean Revolution”, do stand-up, and are standing-up to “honour” Hamid Idris Awate as their hero and emblem of the Eritrean revolution, but the Kunama people are not to be expected or even forced into forgetting his criminal activities upon them, and start honouring him as their “national hero”.
This is humanly and morally inconceivable and irreconcilable expectation.
For the Kunama people, Hamid Idris Awate “was, is” and “remains”, one of the killers and  co-killers of the Kunama ethnic-members.
As said, many leaders of those opposition organisations, their members and many Eritrean individuals, do know, the background history and the criminal activities of Hamid Idris Awate, supposedly, up to the year, to the month, the day and the hour of his “first bullet shooting”, but also the sufferings the Kunama people, specifically, the Kunama inhabitants of the Kunama Tika region, had to undergo, caused by the homicidal activities and sprays of killings of Hamid Idris Awate.
The stand, some of us Kunama are now taking, as regard to the present diatribe, Kunama People versus Hamid Idris Awate, is not in defence of Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman, but of our Kunama people and of their past sufferings, because, though differing only in quantity of their Kunama victims, Hamid Idris Awate and Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman are both enemies of the Kunama people, for, both are equally killers of the Kunama people.
We are now asking:
a).- where were:
1.                The members of the “Gulf Centre for Media Services”,
2.                The “Eritrean Solidarity Front”,
3.                “”,
“” and the many groups and individuals, today coming out in
         unanimity, to call for the expulsion of the Kunama people’s organisation from the opposition, when the Kunama people were being slaughtered, like animals, by Hamid Idris Awate, in their own native and ancestral land?
b).- Where were the above organisations and their leaders, when, the Jebha
unit, led by the individuals, like “Hamid Dinai”, and others, operating in the Kunama territory, in the “1960s/70s”, and inheriting the very legacy of Hamid Idris Awate, had exchanged, the Eritrean struggle for “hatred, revenge” and for an all-out “vendetta”, against the Kunama people, and were carrying out all sorts of criminalities,, setting the Kunama villages ablaze, burning some Kunama villagers alive, and inside their own houses; among them, the late inhabitant of the Kunama village of Karkasha, “Amos, burnt alive” together with “seven”, (7), of his own family members, in “1967”?
We have “eye-witnesses”, having live memories of those criminalities and condemning the “Jebha” itself.
c).- Where were the above organisations and their leaders, when the
        so-called “leaders” of the Eritrean independence struggle were condoning the systematic eliminations of many prominent Kunama, both, within and outside of their own units, simply for being “Kunama”?
We have “witnesses” from both sides, recriminating those killings.
Starting in the “1990s”, the then newly enthroned power, and reigning up-to to-day, the “People Front for Democracy and Justice”, the PFDJ’s regime, started resettling, in the Kunama land, many non-Kunama refugees, returning to Eritrea and, today, it is resettling and letting to resettle and settle, in the Kunama native land, itself and every Eritrean in search of land; and, in order to silence many Kunama voices raising for complaints, it carried out, and it is still carrying out many systematically conducted killings of the Kunama people, slowly reaching the thresholds of “ethnic-cleansing” levels:
d) why  then:
1).-The “Gulf Centre for Media Services”,
2).- The “Eritrean Solidarity Front”,
3).- “”,
4).-” and the many others, today and loudly raising their voices
        in condemnation of the Kunama People’s organisation, for the simple statements, of a single Kunama individual, who has spoken his own mind and, supposedly “insulted” their “national hero”, Hamid Idris Awate, have never come out unanimously, to condemn, such injustices of the ruling regime, in the first place,?
Can such organisations and their leaders, distinguish between “justice” and legitimate “complaints?”
Through its local authorities in the Kunama land, and through its military forces, and its other criminal organs, the PFDJ’s regime, is today too, carrying out continuous killings of the Kunama people, and, not so long ago, “26 Kunama prisoners were mass-poisoned, killed and buried in a mass-grave”, and a lot of other Kunama are being detained, languishing, tortured and killed in the regime’s prisons, around the country, but none of the above four organisation, their leaders and members, have ever spent a single word of compassion, let alone, come out in unanimity to condemn the regime for such atrocities.
Due to such on-going and systematic cleansing of the Kunama race, many Kunama people today, and for the first time in their long-history, are being forced to flee their native and ancestral land “en-mass”, and becoming long-time refugees, in the neighbouring and distant countries.
Has anyone of the above named organisation, ever cared and said a single word, on such unusual phenomenon , for the Kunama people? None!
Why then raise, in mass, such a massive uproar, for a single misplaced word, uttered by a single Kunama?
The Kunama land today is being widely invaded, not only by the majority Eritrean-Tigrian-ethnic components, but also by many ethnic-members of those very organisations and individuals, today “crying foul” to the Kunama people’s organisation, but they have never mentioned of the ethnic and of the territorial injustices, being committed upon the Kunama people, of which, many ethnic-members of those organisations too, are active allies and therefore, do have their own share.
Are these organisations, therefore, condoning, and indirectly even supporting and approving the PFDJ regime’s activities in the Kunama land and upon the Kunama people?.
Are they not showing, instead, that the Kunama must be “eliminated” at home , as well abroad, in the opposition?
For these reasons, we wish that:
1).- The “Centre for Media Services”,
2).- The “Eritrean Solidarity Front”,
3).- The “”,
4).- The “” and the other organisations and individuals,
        repeatedly trying “to bring into connection”, the past histories of the Kunama people, together with the name, person and activities of Hamid Idris Awate, thus provoking also unnecessary worries and sufferings to the Kunama people as a whole, were sensible enough to safe us Kunama, such pains again;
a).- let the murdered Kunama “rest in peace”, and
b).- let the living Kunama populations find some peace, wherever
      they are living, and with the desire and hope of returning back
home, in the future.
Some of those organisations’ leaders are known to have always nurtured grudges against the Kunama people, but we do not wish to go into details, unless those forces keep bringing up such sensitive an issue, for the Kunama people, thus continuously,  provoking us too.
Finally, we are reminding the above organisations, specifically. the “”, and all others, to consider this firm stand of ours, before rushing to call for the expulsion of the Kunama organisation from any of the Eritrean Opposition Camp, so as not to create more problems in the Eritrean opposition camp itself, and consequently, among the Kunama people and the settlers and the settling populations, in the Kunama land.
The Kunama people themselves will have to settle the question of  Hamid Idris Awate’s criminalities, upon them.
The K-ABIT: (September 23, 2012).