Adolay Osman Aggar’s habit of intruding into some Kunama individuals’ life, writing on their life-history,

naming him/her, Assassinating his/her character, by falsely describing and revealing his/her personal data.

Leaving aside, the names and life-histories of many other Kunama individuals, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar has touched, we are limiting our considerations, only on the names of the Kunama individuals he included in the following article, which he titles as:

Kunama Abaie Bajoline Imiria Taita, and asks:

KABIT nano, siabia ashino“,

Minta Akussumana, Komaldana.


We are reporting the entire text, in its original Kunama language, are translating it into the English language; and passing some comments on it.


The Title and its translation:


A-baia = Enemy;

B-ajoline = Poisonous;

I-miria = their Life-Long;

T-aita = Associate;


Minta akussumana, komaldana“.

Part five, and the last one.


KABIT nano = who is KABIT?

siabia aishino = what is its objectve?


The monogram, KABIT, first, introduced by us as standing for:

K = Kunama;

A = Aimasa;

B = Barka;

I = Itana; which are the four, (4), regions of the Kunama Land and the Kunama people inhabiting them, which, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, very deliberately, misinterpreted, as the names given above.




No kosasa mainakedima Kunameko ellala tummadki kosherelloae kosheria

angkatana dannodasi kittitoda gadiba angngadebu Kunamingnga angkatana gita kafegedamma sababoa aishinodimale kishaia siasata targada daudoadea.

Targadimma sabbatasi nafingnga bagana lakad godke“.




What is the reason that, we Kunama, who claim to be learned, are unable to come together, and, like the other ethnic-groups, acting for the respect and survival of their ethnic group? If we question why we cannot pull together, different forms of organizing, to change our Kunama honour and respect, it is the lack of political awareness. As we are not awaken, we are standing against our benefit.



Regarding their honour and respect, the Kunama people, are very aware, without considering themselves to be learned. They, therefore, have no need to copy the examples of other ethnic-groups, to look after themselves and their affairs, unless external matters do interfere and disrupt their conducts.



Erkukodisu targaski Kunamia angkata kitalalinsai serkisuma sabbatasi abae baddiala ai kalli uga fang gombessa sellana sudana uingnga inta“.



Erkukodisu is awaken, and, because it is putting a lot of effort to implement the Kunama respect, it is our day and night experience how many hindrances, the enemies are laying down.



Let it be, that Erkukodisu is awaken, but the Kunama people, having a long history of dealing with those “hindrances of the enemies had always fouzght back and survived, long before the birth of “Erkukodisu“, which means also that the Kunama ethnic-group has always been awaken and aware of the obstacles, laid down by do by its enemies.



Minda sheba ingallia kolabu, kugngniski, Kunama angkatasi lofa kiama sama o tarika kikanasi, serking kosanaiana Erkukodisu Kunamia angkatasi shirfiata kiannimoa otakke, ide Petrona taitia KABITke otakena heske.



Even if they expelled it ten times, and acted so forcefully, so that the Kunama, accepted timidly, a piece of advice or history that depreciated his/her honour, they know that Erkukodisu would not gamble its Kunama honour; besides, Petro and his associate KABIT need to know it.




The Eritrean opposition camp had never either expelled or suspended the Kunama people, but the DMLEK’s chairman, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar and therefore he should not identified himself with the Kunama organisation he is only nominally leading. Especially after his imprisonment; entering the USA., illegally.



Ide tamana, kososonia kalla basharatosunasina andiesi isasanasi kasasanoakin

shadki kaudanoa kakailonadadanume. Eritrea Kunama abaeda KABITke

Erkukodisuna Kunama tummada shuttala kakonata kabachina kishamoa

nakosasakesuma Kunama targasuna heske.Sultata kishano oinioda lusha

Kunameam konandimana dannosumana bilokaladea koitenoa“.



Even now, apart from telling him to spy to his bosses, there is nothing else that we can say.

Any Educated Kunama should wake up to the realization that we need to fight, until we bring, the Kunama enemies, like KABIT, under Erkukodisu and under the Eritrean Kunama community.



As we have explained, in other parts, “KABIT“, is not a “Kunama enemy“, but the name of the Kunama people themselves, and therefore, the “Kunama community“ has no need to fight against himself, but Erkukodisu, instead, seems to be doing, without realizing it.




Sultata kishano oinioda lusha Kunameam konandimana dannosumana

bilokaladea koitena. Aba Kunama Aslama, Jihada, Kristiana, (Protestanta,

Katolika, Pente…), furdangabu Dunggul, Mashkol, Butitti, Abalekatnaki

dannonama Kunamandimale kishaia ekkenabu Kunamingngoa dannosunadada“.




Whether it is a political authority, or a clean living, it is found only when your

Kunama lives.

I am a Kunama Moslem, Jihad, Christian, (Protestant, Catholic, Pente ), if I, according to my custom, declaring I am a Kunama who lives, calling ,Dunggul Mashkol, Butitti, Abaleka, then, in the first place, should live unser Kunama.



You, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, do no exactly know what “Jihad“ really stands for and means, and therefore we suggest, you, first of all, getz instructed on it, and then, address a Kunama as “Jihada“.



Kunama hesuma dina kifegeda dannosunasi majia, ide, nna majenakin dosuna damana ellana kosimme. Ishaditta, ai Kunama tamma Kunama kishaki, sellasi Shila o Dala o kosherella kishanasi shosunni.

Kosherea ngeleabu. Kunamea furdeana, samea kekoana angkateasi





It is a Kunma’s right to change a faith, as he/she likes; and there is no matter which can prevent one from this right. Any Kunama, who is a Kunama today cannot tomorrow, be a Beni-Amer or a Tigrian or another ethnic-group’s member.

Your ethnicity is through your language, your Kunama culture, your true history standing for your honour.




You, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, do know very well that, according to the Kunama culture and tradition, a Kunama is a Kunama, if he/she is born to a Kunama mother, and therefore he/she cannot change his/her ethnicity, but today, as you know, you can change your nationality, which means only that you become another nationality on paper, but your original ethnicity by birth remains always the same.

You yourself, were once an Ethiopian national, (perhaps you still are), an Eritrean or you tried to become a national of another nation, when you went to the USA, but instead, you ended up in prison.

It seems that you are confusing ethnicity, nationality and religion.

Get your matters right.



Petrona, ishana Ajjamarana nna latta minte sallenaekin kosasa kitenanda

amanida nainake. Imokedittia, elleda sultatana kasia nafasiddabu Kunamia

angkatasi shirfiata fardala kole gommoaena duggaga komininasi Kunama

tummadala kalafomunnimasi nna edettena kosame kisho“.



I have the belief that Pietro and his brother Ajjamara will be finding a teaching from these five writings. Not only they, but also those others who, for the benefit of their survival, they are gambling with the Kunama honour.

In order that they not gamble with the Kunama unity let this message be sent to them.



We have no idea, what kind of learning, “Pietro and his brother Ajjamara“, can find in those five writings. The one who really needs to learn not to “gamble with the Kunama unity, or unity“, it is you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, who has been meddling in the life and in the affairs of many Kunama individuals.

Pietro, his brother Ajjamara and all those others“, you said, “are interfering in the life of the Kunama community“, itis, not at all true, and therefore, they do not need your message to be “sent to them.



Pietrona Ajjamaratte bilokenume.

Osamingnga Nelson Ezekielna, min damadiakin kibingki sugunnesuman gera

kososonoa ulia nafa kitalalinoakin shaski Kunama tummada kisanema hirala




There are, not only Pietro and Ajjamara.

Our brother Nelson Ezekiel too, inheriting, since his childhood, the habit of lying, apart from concerning his own benefit, he prevaricated it also and reached the point of touching Kunama community or unity.



Nelson Ezekiel, Ajjamara Ali Hummad and Pietro Ali Ummet, are the Kunama who have done only good, for their fellow-Kunama.


Unlike, you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, Nelson Ezekiel, Ajjamara Ali Hummad and Pietro Ali Umet, have never, either imprisoned, tortured and killed any Kunama individual.

The three guys have never interfered in any Kunama individual’s life -history and revealed personal data.

You, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar have done the biggest damage within the Kunama communities in Shimelba and among the Kunama, in the third countries.

You have sawed division and created hatred among the Kunama population.


Nelson Ezekiel, already at home, was one of the most actives persons, within the Evangelical church; playing clavier and teaching songs to young Kunama, attending church services, apart from translating the “New Testament“, in his native “Kunama Barka Dialect“. He is now living peacefully, in USA:


Pietro Ali Umet is well known, as having been very instrumental in the resettlement processes, of many Kunama, in the third countries, such as Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States.

He is now, in the process of finish writing the final edition of “Grammar of the Kunama Language“, the first one written by a native Kunama and a “Kunama History Book“, seen and written from the Kunama people’s viewpoint.

Pietro Ali Umat, is now living peacefully, in Europe.


Ajjamara Ali Hummad has been and is being very helpful in providing a lot of vocabulary, writing a vocabulary, book, called “Kunama Aura Gala“, the “Kunama Word Box“and providing many reference “Kunama Grammar Books“ written by different foreigners.

Ajjamara Ali Hummad, is now living peacefully, in Canada.

Many other Kunama individuals too, put their contribution, in their Books.


None of those three guys, has ever done anything, against their fellow-Kunama

It seems that Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar cannot stand any Kunama, engaged in any kind of writing, about the Kunama people.



Osamie, Kunama tummadana angkatasi fitetomme okosimoassi ai kudaki

monggorosumana tammata shofidoa kos kishike. Tama lakin ifodama sabbatasi goti gotisuma hirasi kaloke. Erku Kunama tummada kitalalinasi dugula kidemma kika kishima fada komoae kokaia heske. Nnakes kinenema dukudukenaesina tabilia kutuna heske. Babara uiella, Kunama tummada bagana gangkedabu kika kishima koae jarimata Nelson Ezekielna Pietro Ali Ummetkime barie miming gommoakin artanume, angngadanume“.




Since, there are his siblings who sacrificed for the honour of the Kunama unity and honour, whatever he says and misbehaves, there has been patience, up to now, but now, as he exaggerates, we have come to the overflowing limit. In order to safeguard the Kunama honour, it is to remember that Erku had taken those measures with no regard to relative.

It needs to put in the right track, also to this kinds of lawless people.

In the past, the evil-deeds of those who were taken as being against the Kunama unity is neither more nor any different than what Nelson Ezekiel and Pietro Ali Umet are doing.



We have neither heard nor known, what kinds of evil-deeds, had Nelson Ezekiel committed, inorder to be tolerated to that point, because of the sacrifices of his siblings, but Nelson Ezekiel and Pietro Ali Umet have not been falsely, accused, by you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, of being sent by the PFDJ’s regime, to kill the DMLEK’s leaders, destroy the organisation and take, the Kunama people, back to Eritrea.

If it is your belief that Nelson Ezekiel’s and Pietro Ali Umet’s evil-deeds are neither more nor any different than of those Kunama individuals who were accused of being against the Kunama unity, it means that, if you had the chance, you would have detained, jailed, tortured and killed Nelson Ezekiel and Pietro Ali Umet, as you did with those Kunama individuals.



Erkukodisu Kunama sasasi uellabu kintina heske. Ellesi abae kinolaki ellesi

kimeki samanasumoa kekanume siasatanume .

Tamata natakema Erkukodisu kosodoa nannakedanume, ide koibisham koitena kishaia , nnoka kishana heske“.



Erkukodisu needs to see all Kunama with the same eye. The fact that it treats ones as enemy and likes and forgives others is neither just nor a political justice.

As I know, up to now, Erkukodisu’s behaviour is not like this; besides, if liberation is to be obtained, it needs to be only this way.



If “Erkukodisu’s policy is to see all Kunama withe same eye“, how come, you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, detained, jailed, tortured and killed some

Kunama individuals; denigrated the names of some other Kunama, (Neklson Ezekiel, Pietro Ali Umet, Ajjamara Ali Hummad) and of many others?

You, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, though writing under the name, of “Dunggul Mashkol, (from America, USA.)“, you are making yourself very clear that you are the writer of this series of articles on “KABIT“ and are trying to cheat others, but you are cheating your own self.

By the way, the Kunama people hold “Dunggul Mashkol“ as the name of a prophet and therefore, no Kunama, (except Kornelilos Adolay), would dare assumes to himself the name of a prophet. It is a great effrontery.



Tamana, Pietro, babara, uiella ka nafarabbu kilatta koski tammana KABITke

buluka kishamalana oinamioka kilatta gosumoabu badiala kittiteda

Erkukodisuna Kunama abaia kosamoae kuskus gommoa tiridellana kinamme.

Kittita nna gatenallebbu fattashosuia maidansuma laueta nainake“.



As Petro, in the past , was writing as a single person, even now, that has become a member of KABIT group, is writing the same way and therefore, there is no doubt that, behind him, there are those organisations which have become the enemy of Erkukodisu and of the Kunama people, which are inciting him.

I am of the idea that the organisation too, (Erkukodisu), checked it from such point.



Pietro, joining the ENSF, (the Eritrean National Salvation Front), had not joined a Kunama enemy, but an orgnisation that, today is helping many Kunama people to get resettled in third countries.

Besides, KABIT, being the monogram standing for:




Itana and

Tika, ( the four regions and people of the Kunama land), it is not the name of a Kunama enemy, but the name of the Kunama people themselves and, if, the ENSF were the enemy of the Kunama, how come , it has been helping and it is still helping the Kunama people.

Mind you, long before Pietro, there are many other Kunama who are members of the ENSF.




Nna ke barenamesi totageng gomma ellidde okosiana nna enamesi tabila kutuna heske; oina kishamma kishaia kime nakasabesa ainingnge maida kakotakema sabbatasi kakosoda angkatod kakosoki Kunamingnga dannodasi uasodi“.



Even, if there are some of those people who are supporting these two individuals , these too, need to be put on the right truck; if not, as we know each other very well, let us go on, respecting each other and confirm our Kunama life.



Nnakin anata, nna ke barename tummadoa misangki akeskeda kotikama amela kittitossi kishano Kunamossi angkata kishammoa katake“.



From here onwards, should something be heard that these two individuals have touched the Kunama community, let us know that it would be disrespectful, both for the organisation and for the Kunama people.



What evil deeds, have ever committed, Nelson Ezekiel and Pietro Ali Umet, to the Kunama community and to the organisation, in order to cause disrespect?

Unlike Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, who detained many Kunama individuals, torturing and also killing some of them, Nelson and Pietro have done only good to the Kunama people. .

You, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, need to provide enough pieces of evidence to support your claim that Nelson Ezekiel and Pietro Ali Umet had touched the

Kunama community and therefore have to be reprimanded.

If not, you advanced false accusations, which will be sued in a court of justice, in due times.



Tamata faianakeditta, Erkukodisu uebsaitolle, kishamma kishaia aradiabbu shas kolkamme ide uebsaitela kosima aradioana tagama kinama sabbatasi Amerikala ashi kokala kotik gosumme. Nna tagamena abokalabe ellena ontibessa

natakemme. Bubingngesi kishama tagama kishaia aradiala mesana gomme,

Kunamea angkatasiddabu essubu faiadki kakosasa.

Tagamoa abokasi kishaia adadibu nassu naka“.





Up to now, I have been listening to, but, apart from in the web-site, it has not been broadcasted on the radio; and, as the radio that is, on the web-site too, is having difficulty, in America, it is not heard like before. I do not know whether such difficulty is being faced only by me or is it affecting others too. If it is the difficulty that we all are facing, those working on the radio, for the sake of your Kunama , repair it, so that we listen to and learn. If the difficulty is only in my side, help me repair it.



Nna lattangenana kittita uebsaitokaladittia aradialana shas kolabu kotikama kishaia nafosunanda amanida nainake; lakin emesi kimikesomabuditta tuffadoa nainamme“.



I believe that, if this writing of mine, were published, not only on the web-site, but broadcasted on the radio too, it would be useful; and it will be useful. But, as it pleases you; I do not have any haste.



Aba kittitadina tanka nasamoa Erkukodisu bashkulla gon nainamoana metak

kasona henake. Kotikabu ganaki angkatea nasanema Kuname mekosia




I am a member of the organisation. I would like that you recognised that I used to be Erkukodisu’s fighter.

If I, carried away by feeling, have touched your honour, do forgive me.



As said, in the very beginning, there is no question whatsoever that, the writer of this article, is you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, no matter how much you tried to decieve others.

In fact, in this article, your usual style of writing has come over very clearly.

The same Kunama individuals, you, very frequently, mention, depict their personality and write about them and condemn their activities, very often, for no reasons, are again, included in this article.

The same false accusations are advanced and other lies are added to make few statements, like, saying that “these two men, (Nelson Ezekiel and Pietro Ali Umet), are infringing in the life of the Kunama community“, and many other false accusations that are of your own make.

In the final analysis, You, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, have been naming many Kunama individuals and writing about their life and their life-history, more than what, you, as the claimed, chairman of Erkukodisu, (DMLEK), should have written about the organisation itself.

You were interested more in defending your chairmanship, by negatively depicting the characters and life of those Kunama individuals you have always thought they were competing and trying to depose you from your chair, but people, like Nelson Esekiel, Pietro Ali Umet and many others simply loath it, let alone, aspiring for it.

The Voice of the Kunama People/ Kunama Agara Mena, (VKP/KAM).

September 21, 2016.