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A stern warning, by the Kunama abroad, to Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar.

  According to the recent news, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, managed to influence some authorities of the Ethiopian government to block the participation, of certain Kunama individuals, to the meeting, called, by their own organisations. The very fact that, only the Kunama, particularly those antagonizing you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, are prevented from taking part […]

Why, are the Kunama, abandoning their homeland?

This question, had been asked to the Kunama people, at home, by non-other than, the Brigadier Gen. Abraha Kassa, the very Brigadier Gen., who had previously been an active member of that group that, together with the president Isaias Afwerki and the minister, Ali Abdu, had masterminded that very evil plan of mass-poisoning, mass-killing and […]

Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar’s habit of intruding into some Kunama Individuals life.

Adolay Osman Aggar’s habit of intruding into some Kunama individuals’ life, writing on their life-history, naming him/her, Assassinating his/her character, by falsely describing and revealing his/her personal data. Leaving aside, the names and life-histories of many other Kunama individuals, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar has touched, we are limiting our considerations, only on the names of […]

A very distorted and very Evasive Response by Ato Yemane Gebreab.

    A Very Distorted and Very Evasive Response, by “Ato Yemane Gebreab, the Presidential Adviser to the Eritrean PFDJ’s Regime“, to the Very Right Accusation of the “Commission of Enquiry“of the United Nations, to the Eritrean Regime, of having “Committed and Committing Crimes against Humanity“, Part One: In a “Press Statement, the President’s Adviser […]


  “Indigenisation“, as we understand it, is a “process“, mainly economic one, launched by some African statesmen and governments, specifically led by the government of Simbabwe. Translating it into simple words, understanding and putting it into practice, “Indiginisation“ is a process of economic development, intended to be congenial to the customo-traditions ,and according to the […]