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A stern warning, by the Kunama abroad, to Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar.

  According to the recent news, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, managed to influence some authorities of the Ethiopian government to block the participation, of certain Kunama individuals, to the meeting, called, by their own organisations. The very fact that, only the Kunama, particularly those antagonizing you, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, are prevented from taking part […]

Why, are the Kunama, abandoning their homeland?

This question, had been asked to the Kunama people, at home, by non-other than, the Brigadier Gen. Abraha Kassa, the very Brigadier Gen., who had previously been an active member of that group that, together with the president Isaias Afwerki and the minister, Ali Abdu, had masterminded that very evil plan of mass-poisoning, mass-killing and […]

A Message and a Stern Warning, to the Leadership of the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK), from the Teams of www.baden-kunama. com and

We stated and repeated, several times, that the monogram, KABIT, stands for K =Kunama A = Aimasa, B = Barka, I = Itana and T =Tika which, the DMLEK’s chairman, Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, either ignorantly or deliberately, distorted to “Kunama Abaia Bajoline Imiria Taita“, meaning, the “Long-Life Associate of the Enemy of the Kunama“. […]

A Joint Appeal, of the Teams of Afar and Kunama Web-Sites, to All Eritrean Political and Civic Organisations,in the Opposition Camp

  Up to these days, the Eritrean political and civic organisations have been conducting their movements, for over 25/26 years, against the present PFDJ’s regime in Eritrea, which has, however, resisted and lasted just as so many years.   The regime, led by a secluded and ruthless junta, has been continuing to carry out its […]

On the Steps of Mr. Joseph Magnet, on “Constitution Making in Eritrea“: University of Ottawa – Common Law Section

November 16, 2015 In an “Abstract from Ottawa Faculty of Law Working Paper No. 2015-32“, Mr. Joseph Magnet made the following observations, on the “Making of the Eritrean Constitution: “Eritrea went through a constitutional process from 1995 to 1997, which resulted in a text that provides for the rule of law, democratic institutions and human […]