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“Who is who in the Eritrean resistance in view of democracy” Part 1 and 2.

Response to Ato. Fetsum Abraham, on  Speculating, based purely on his name, that, the writer of this article, is truly a member of the “Eritrean-Tigrian“ ethnic-component, and not a Kunama, i.,e., a pseudo “Kunama-Tigrian“, trying to “tigringngnalising“ him/herself, we very much praise for, and appreciate the rich content of this article, on the Eritrean politics, […]

A Kunama civilians’ refugee-camp or is it a Kunama military station?

 This question has never been, either asked or answered, though, for the last sixteen, (16), years, Shimelba Kunama civilians’ refugee-camp has, practically, been turned into a Kunama military station and run, not by the Kunama civilians themselves, but by the Kunama military personnel, in the camp, directed and manipulated, in their turn, by Erkukodisu/Dmlek’s supreme […]

A message to Ato Girma Workie, the Co-ordinator of Shimelba, (Ethiopia), Kunama refugees’s camp:

Ato Girma Workie, sometime ago, according to reports coming from Shimelba Kunama refugee-kamp, had falsely informed the teams of the two Kunama web-sites, and, speaking with the Voice of the Kunama People/Kunama Agara Mena, that, Ato Goitom, as Protector, of the Kunama refugees, and you, Ato Girma Workie, as coordinator of the Kunama […]