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The Kunama News Reaching from Home and Abroad, (e.g., from Ethiopia and The Sudan): The “Eritrean PFDJ’s Regime”,its “Military Personnel”;“Eritrean Middle-men” and“Arab Rashayda Tribesmen” involved in “Human Trading” and in the“Trading Activities of Human Organs”:

After a long research-work, done with very painful observation, detailed collections of data and of pieces of evidence, as well as of proofs, it has finally been witnessed and documented that, the “Kidnappings of Eritreans, Human Trafficking Activities” and the whole “Trading of the Human Organs”, taking place in “Sinai Desert”, have their roots and […]

“Eritrean Panelists DFreely; Eritrean Solutions to Eritrean Problems, Bologna 2013 “

The above is how “”, on Sunday, September 8, 2013. titled and published, not only the topics discussed, by the “panelists”, but also their group-photo, where two women and five men are to be seen. From reliable sources, and from the photos themselves, we could identify those seven individuals to be all members of the […]

KUNAMA NEWS: September 1, 2013

According to reliable sources, the criminal “Er-kukodisus’” leaders, Kornelios Adolay Osman, Tewelde Minase and Yakob Shinggrai had sent their subjects to Eritrea where they rounded up, 12 to 14 years old Kunama teenager shepherds and cow-herders from their villages and forced them to join their movement.  If one listens to and analyses the struggle strategies, […]

A Piece of Writing, Published by Kornelios Addollai Osman as “A LATE-COMING VICTORY NEWS” August 29, 2013

As usual, Kornelios Addollai Osman, lied, writing and publishing, on his, and stating that, ”Er-kukodisu fighters caused a big damage to the Shabia’s regime”. According to the news feeding from home, instead confirm that Kornelios Addollai Osman’s Er-kukodisu’s fighters did not attack any Shabia regime’s installations and machineries, but they “destroyed a tractor and […]