“Who is who in the Eritrean resistance in view of democracy” Part 1 and 2.

Response to Ato. Fetsum Abraham, on  Speculating, based purely on his name, that, the writer of this article, is truly a member of the “Eritrean-Tigrian“ ethnic-component, and not a Kunama, i.,e., a pseudo “Kunama-Tigrian“, trying to “tigringngnalising“ him/herself, we very much praise for, and appreciate the rich content of this article, on the Eritrean politics, [...]

A Kunama civilians’ refugee-camp or is it a Kunama military station?

 This question has never been, either asked or answered, though, for the last sixteen, (16), years, Shimelba Kunama civilians’ refugee-camp has, practically, been turned into a Kunama military station and run, not by the Kunama civilians themselves, but by the Kunama military personnel, in the camp, directed and manipulated, in their turn, by Erkukodisu/Dmlek’s supreme [...]

A message to Ato Girma Workie, the Co-ordinator of Shimelba, (Ethiopia), Kunama refugees’s camp:

Ato Girma Workie, sometime ago, according to reports coming from Shimelba Kunama refugee-kamp, had falsely informed the teams of the two Kunama web-sites, www.baden-kunama.com and kunama-agara.com, speaking with the Voice of the Kunama People/Kunama Agara Mena, that, Ato Goitom, as Protector, of the Kunama refugees, and you, Ato Girma Workie, as coordinator of the Kunama [...]

The Report of the Conference of the Voice of the Kunama People/Kunama Agara Mena, (VKP/KAM), held on December 14, 2014; on January 04, and 18, 2015

Starting on December 14, 2014, and continuing from January 04 and 18, 2015, under the banner of the Voice of the Kunama People/Kunama Agara Mena, (VKP/KAM), a Kunama civic organisation, the participants of the conference, eight, (8), in number, presented and covered the following two fundamental topics: 1).- the Kunama Land and 2).- the Kunama [...]

In trying to fool everyone else, Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, has been fooling only his own self

Starting in 1998, the year, Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar, was appointed as leader of the former, “Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Kunama/Kunama Koibisha Dimokratika Sungada, “DMLK/Ku-Ko-Di-Su“, he had, not only completely changed and derailed, the prime aim, raised and propagated by the founders and prime leaders of the “Democratic Movement for the [...]