The Question of the BANK ROBBERY in BARENTU, has been, unanswered, laid down in a “DEEP-FREEZE“: Though, in a second instance, of trying to solve the enigma of the Bank Robbery in Barentu, by a short and purely cosmetic detention of the director of the Bank, Ato Daniel and of the cashier of the bank, [...]

Eritrean National Salvation Front Kassel Festival

A Message to Ato Iyob Teklu:

Ato Iyob Teklu, Many Kunama people, and we, the team running the two Kunama web-sites,, in Kunama language and, in English language, do not know you personally, apart from being informed that you are an active member of -SEDEGE’s opposition organisation, living and operating in Sioux-Falls, (South-Dakota). From reliable sources, we got the [...]

Bank Robbery in Barentu Town:

After having first, heard of the bank robbery in Barentu town, sometime ago, and waited for the development and progress of further news, so far, nothing precise has come out, concerning the real identity of the robber or robbers, as well as, concerning the investigations which were said to have been initiated, but stalled for [...]

Potraits of our Notable People.

Old Kunama Potriats