“UN Report: Massacre and Mass Graves of Eritrean Kunamas and Afars“,

  Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, by Daniel Berhane. Ali Abdu, the PFDJ regime’s former minister of information, was reported to have been the chief master minder of the “massacres“ of the Kunama people. “A United Nations report implicates Eritrea of massacres targeting Kunama and Afar communities and the existence of mass graves.  The [...]

These are Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar’s writings

Those of you, who had neither read nor knew, do, please, read them and know now, what he had been writing about, and what he had to say. I).- CONCERNING THE MEASURES HE TOOK UPON THOSE KUNAMA INDIVIDUALS HE HAD DETAINED AND JAILED: “By lying that, they had taken up struggling under the organization, but, [...]


a).- Its surface and deep meaning;  b).- its message;  c).- the main addressee of its message. It is of a common understanding that, any word, any phrase, any sentence or an entire clause, uttered in a particular context, or for a particular purpose, carries also a particular message, to a particular person or persons. “Hidri“, [...]


The Question of the BANK ROBBERY in BARENTU, has been, unanswered, laid down in a “DEEP-FREEZE“: Though, in a second instance, of trying to solve the enigma of the Bank Robbery in Barentu, by a short and purely cosmetic detention of the director of the Bank, Ato Daniel and of the cashier of the bank, [...]

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