The Report, of a Second Witness, on the Fate of those Kunama Prisoners,Mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried, in a mass-grave, in Maiduma, in 2006-2007.

In the recent days, the report of a second witness, on the fate of those Kunama prisoners, mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried in a mass-grave, was released in “Asena-Radio“.   First of all, our heartfelt thanks, goes to the two gentlemen: firstly to the PFDJ regime’s Military Security Member, Ato Mengstab Girmai and, secondly, to Brigarier [...]


  “Indigenisation“, as we understand it, is a “process“, mainly economic one, launched by some African statesmen and governments, specifically led by the government of Simbabwe. Translating it into simple words, understanding and putting it into practice, “Indiginisation“ is a process of economic development, intended to be congenial to the customo-traditions ,and according to the [...]

In Support of Sale Felice’s Article, Statements and Argumentations, Part Two

In Support of Sale Felice’s Article, Statements and Argumentations, in Kunama Language, on Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar’s Use of the Dramatic Style and Discourse of the Kunama Language: Part Two   A).-To manipulate and incite his Supporters; B).-To spread the Fear of Him and of His Threats of Imprisonments and Killings, among the Ordinary Kunama [...]

In Support of Sale Felice’s “Statement and Argumentation“,

In Support of Sale Felice’s “Statement and Argumentation“,in his article in Kunama language, that, all these years, “Kornelios Adolay Osman Aggar“, the DMLE’s chairman, has been using : A).- “the Dramatic Discourse and Style of the Kunama Language“,to manipulate and incite his Supporters; B).- a very slanderous “Language“ and a lots of made-up lies, and [...]

A Joint Appeal, of the Teams of Afar and Kunama Web-Sites, to All Eritrean Political and Civic Organisations,in the Opposition Camp

  Up to these days, the Eritrean political and civic organisations have been conducting their movements, for over 25/26 years, against the present PFDJ’s regime in Eritrea, which has, however, resisted and lasted just as so many years.   The regime, led by a secluded and ruthless junta, has been continuing to carry out its [...]